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Xaipe (greek χαίρε, pronunciation: [ˈçɛ.ɾɛ]):
“Greetings; be well; enjoy yourself.”

Have you ever experienced a word missing from your native vocabulary, which describes a unique emotion? This is a word that you find in a foreign language, so distant and unfamiliar at first sight, but still close and nostalgic when linked to real people, to the familiar landscape, to the mild climate. 

Xaipe, this simple single-word, embodies the Mediterranean way, the approach to everyday life. With only five letters, it tells a story we all can relate to… or at least we can try to relate to.

Following this Mediterranean calmness, our agency bears the name Xaipe.

It continually reminds us to tell the client’s story as genuinely as possible, to embody the harmony we find in ourselves when contemplating the sea, the salty air, the olive trees.


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Filip Sinko Morandini
Filip Sinko Morandini

Performance Marketing Manager

    Who we are

    We are storytellers, designers, and advertisers

    With a genuine love for the Mediterranean.

    We transform it into collaboration with our clients, by tailoring their digital story, and finding their target audience through bespoke advertising. 

    Therefore, we’ve positioned ourselves as a digital agency specialized for the yachting-charter industry. 

    But, we also work with diverse clients, such as the global health industry.

    By representing our clients online, we translate emotions into words – emotions that everyone wants to experience when booking that tour or hiring that service. 

    Xaipe, this simple five-letter word, “be well and rejoice,” used both as a greeting and a farewell, is the beginning and the end of everything we do.